EZPZ’s East Coast Madness

The best memories are made when they are unplanned…

Since we were younger we have always enjoyed spur of the moment trips, I once remember at 18 we had to decided we wanted to go to Alton Towers about 9pm, so by 10pm, we had packed our bags and were headed up north. We thought if we got up there quick we could find a cheap hotel and get in the park before everyone else.. Well 17 years later nothing has changed, as you will read below..

Our annual winter trip this year was to Boston, Sarah is the only one of us that had been before, so all new adventures were waiting.. It was Christmas jumper day, so we all picked out a jumper for one another, I obviously was not included in the joke & had one brought for me that was covered in bells. Let’s just say the long flight over the Atlantic was  less enjoyable than normal.. Although I did win my own competition for the most jumper likes!

We flew over to Boston on Delta & I always love the Delta crew & as Jess always says ” They never stop giving me food “
On arrival in Boston we picked up our car and headed to the burbs.. We had decided to stay at a house for the week booked on https://www.airbnb.co.uk The house was great, in a nice neighbourhood, large & only 15 minutes outside of Boston! Although that evening we were so tired, we didn’t even make it out for dinner, so the girls quickly getting into the US culture had PB cereals & PB on toast.. The whole peanut butter obsession is now a long running joke with these two, they would actually have it with everything they eat or drink!

The next day we were off shopping, as it’s what us girls do best.. Whilst wondering around the ice cold shops of Boston, we were just talking & someone (not to blame anyone) asked how far away New York City was (around 220 miles), so after a few more coffees & a few more shops it was decided the next day we would get up at the crack of dawn & head down to NYC..

So at 3am we were up getting dressed for our road trip! I drew the short straw & had the drivers seat first & pretty much an hour in was our first stop for coffee.. At the time Jess had never driven in the US before & as punishment for the bells on the jumper, I thought I would save her driving till we got into the city.. Baptism of fire and all that..

We arrived in New Jersey after about 5 hours of driving, the 220 miles seemed like such a long drive, but whilst on the road we managed to book some tickets to the 911 museum, as this had recently opened. NYC was freezing & the snow was falling at quite a rate! Once we arrived at the museum it was like a military operation.. The queuing came first, metal detectors, security screening like you would have at the airports. After about an hour of trying to get in, we finally did and then realised we had to queue for another 1/2 hour to check in our coats and bags. The museum itself was something else, you had items from the day, Fire Trucks, parts of the towers, pictures & stories! I think what amazed me most of all were the stories from people that were there to witness it all. There was one particular story of a woman that had forgotten her watch on the morning of September 11th, so went back home to put this on, doing this made her a little later for work, so she missed the first plane going into her building. She had donated her watch to the museum. Other stories of people were told by their families, I remember a couple of stories where two wallets were found after the towers fell, one with a receipt for Windows on the World restaurant that was located on 107th floor from
10th September 2001 & the other of a British man, the contents of his wallet including a old nectar card. The wallets, the nectar card & the till receipt were all still intact with hardly a scratch on them.
We spent the rest of the day visiting as many of the usual NYC attractions we could fit in & of course made sure we had time to fit in the “tree”
Unfortunately the weather was getting worse, so we thought it best to head back to Boston & on arrival back to the car we think we made the correct decision!


We left NYC about 8pm & finally arrived back into Boston at 3am, extremely tired from the drive, but the day out was absolutely amazing & we still laugh about the drive back to Boston, at one point I was woken up (I wasn’t driving) by Jess shouting ” what do I do, there’s a roundabout ” and then later on during the drive asking her to stay awake to keep me company whilst driving, oh the conversations you can have with Jess when she is half asleep!
Back in Boston we had a couple of days sightseeing & I think we managed to cram in a lot of what Boston had to offer. We were so surprised how quiet Boston was compared to other cities like New York & Chicago at Christmas time. Our last stop was Harvard, a family member of Sarah’s will be there studying for a semester next year, so we thought we would check out the digs.. Unfortunately the girls were keen on tracing the steps of Elle Woods & I am not sure we will be invited back to Harvard anytime soon!

The giggles from this trip will stay with us for a long time & even though we are all older I never want to grow out of our spur of the moment crazy ideas.

Till next time, Travel EZ the ladies from EZPZ