Abu Dhabi – Definitely Do!!

I was asked by one of our customers to do some work over in Abu Dhabi for a couple of days and my first thought was ” I hope there is air conditioning ” (It was July). I had never been before, so really I had no idea what to expect.

Of course I managed to book my fight at a really good rate 😉 it was my first time on Etihad and also my first time on an A380…. For someone that works in travel and is absolutely fascinated with planes, but hates flying, this was a big deal.

The beast (pictured below) was absolutely amazing.. The space on Etihad, the service and fortunately for me the lack of turbulence made this one of the best flights I had ever had.


I was staying at the http://www.viceroyhotelsandresorts.com/en/abudhabi on Yas Island, I knew this hotel should have been special and it certainly didn’t disappoint, from the check in, the amazing rooms, the delicious food, the facilities, the staff… I could go on and on about this hotel and not have a bad thing to say about it.


To be honest other than working (what I was actually out there to do) I didn’t get to see much of Abu Dhabi, but Yas Island does have a lot to offer and when you are staying at the F1 hotel, it would have been rude not to take a look around. I spent one morning at Ferrari world http://www.ferrariworldabudhabi.com and wow that Formula Rossa does pack a punch, it supposedly travels at 240km/h, but struggling to keep my head upright and breath at the same time, it certainly felt a lot faster than that, but for thrill seekers it’s a must. I also took a tour around the F1 track and realised that they allow people on the track once or twice a week to either walk, run or cycle around it. I picked the bike as i thought this might be easier in 140 degree heat, but it really wasn’t. Great experience though.


I had a late or should I say early morning flight back into London, so the kindle was out, books downloaded and fully charged ready for the beast again..


and although my four days in Abu Dhabi wasn’t long one and travelling alone in a country I had never been to before was a little daunting at first, I actually found Abu Dhabi one of the nicest places I had ever visited. See you again soon I hope..

Till next time, Travel EZ the ladies from EZPZ

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