Three Women, Three Time Zones & Three Cities

So for our annual trip away this year we decided on a short break to the windy city. We decided to fly from Manchester, so from the outskirts of London we headed out on the long drive north.
We knew the next six days would be hectic, as we decided at the last minute to add Las Vegas to our itinerary, so three different time zones in six days, I hope someone brought the coffee!
We did have a slight panic on the flight over to Chicago when we realised our American Airlines plane had to be changed because of a fault.. No personalised entertainment systems! Never fear though the staff on the AA flight over to Chicago were fantastic & really into the holiday spirit with The Elf on a Shelf and The Mensch on a Bench placed all over the plane.. I won’t tell you what they called the doll in the middle.


At one point we caught Jess “Stretching her legs” she has always been the mischievous one!


Once we landed in a warm Chicago, yes warm, we headed straight out to sample the local pizza.. Sarah & Jess were not convinced and still prefer there more traditional NYC Pizza, but I have been converted to the Chicago Deep Dish & can certainly recommend
We then spent the next day shopping & I am sure you can imagine how that went.. Or should I say spent!
After a full day shopping we had to set the alarm for 3am to catch a Southwest flight from Midway, it was our first time flying with them & they were absolutely excellent. The staff members had such a fantastic sense of  humor & I can honestly say the 4 hour flight seemed like a breeze.
So Vegas is was again for a couple of days.. This time around we were staying in a corner suite at the Vdara, again a first for us. It’s a non gaming hotel, just off the strip behind the Cosmopolitan. The rooms were incredibly large, with an amazing bathroom & a full kitchen (if you wish to cook in Vegas). Well what can I say about Vegas, we ate at two amazing restaurants and if you ever head to either you have to try the giant fortune cookie in Tao and then the peanut butter dessert in STK, they will both have you comparing other desserts to them for a long time.
Evening time in Vegas and we headed to Fremont Street to have a go at the Zip Line, which goes from one end of Fremont street to the other. After some persuasion we managed to get Jess attached to her line and off we went! Now the minimum weight is 100lbs and I am no where near that, but low and behold, just as I was flying over the stage with a band performing and the crowd cheering, I came to a grinding halt! After hanging there for what seemed like a while, I was rescued and dragged to safety, not one of my finer moments, but I seemed to amuse the crowd below!
Back to Chicago for some sightseeing, we seemed to walk forever & managed to take in a lot of what Chicago has to offer & we absolutely loved the place. On a sour note though after stuffing our faces yet again, we left the restaurant with boxes of food in hand & whilst walking up the magnificent mile noticed a homeless woman in a doorway, so of course offered her the spare food we had. As we got closer we noticed three little faces appear from under the blanket, yes three small children on the streets of Chicago in December. We gave her all the cash we had on us at the time and she seemed incredibly grateful, well that is according to Jess, as I was in floods of tears around the corner! Fortunately I must have made a scene, as more people appeared to stop and hand the lady money or help. It certainly was an eye opener for me and I will not get the children’s little faces out of my head for a long time! Magnificent Mile didn’t seem so magnificent after all.
All in all, our trip to Chicago/Vegas was fantastic & fortunately more laughter was had than tears.


Till next time, Travel EZ the ladies from EZPZ

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