Making Business Travel EZPZ

I am sure you will agree that Business Travel has changed significantly over the last few years. Travel budgets are getting tighter each year and the art of stretching company expenditure without compromising levels of service and comfort is an increasing challenge.

Why outsource your travel to EZPZ Travel you ask… The easy answer is to say: “In order to save you time and money” but in truth most corporate companies already know this. It is our job to help manage the business travel requirements of your company, group or organisation. We can organise regular travel bookings, but also travel rate negotiations, expense management and anything else you feel is needed to help reduce costs. 

EZPZ Travel management benefits companies of all sizes. It’s not just large companies or corporate travellers that benefit from business travel management. There is a correlation between the size of your travel spend, and the amount of savings that can be made, but businesses of all sizes can take advantage of using us. EZPZ Travel are aware that saving money is key to any corporate company. We are experts in how to go about making these savings. 

In using EZPZ Travel you will soon see the benefits of using our services.


  • Central Coordination and Control
  • Central Billing
  • Coordinated Expense Reporting
  • Preferred Suppliers with favourable rates
  • Meaningful Management Information 
  • Reduction of resource employed in non core activities
  • 24 Hour Cover in an event of an emergency

     The range of services that EZPZ Travel offers our corporate clients is being continually enhanced in line with client requirements


  • Worldwide Flight Reservations 
  • Worldwide Hotel Reservations
  • Worldwide Rail Reservations 
  • Car Hire Reservations
  • Passport & Visa Service
  • Airport Car Parking
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Travel Expenditure Reports
  • Full Credit Account Facilities
  • 24 Hour Service

EZPZ Travel will provide complete management of your travel itineraries and expenditure. This will enable you to focus on core activities, whilst streamlining your administration and expense management. Our skilled team of Business Travel professionals, shall manage all aspects of your travel budget complemented by a focussed Account Management programme to ensure that all areas of cost management are observed and implemented. 

In summary, we provide the complete cost-saving and time efficient Business Travel Solution for entrepreneurs and growing businesses and enjoy a proven track record in managing company travel expenditure.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to request a quotation for your next itinerary or if you would like to meet with us in person to discuss your company travel, then please let us know. 

Business travel is in the top five controllable expenses for most businesses. Working closely with us we can ensure you achieve substantial time and cost savings. Ultimately, the question is not so much “why use a EZPZ Travel, but rather, “can you really afford not to?”