Getting to know the Ladies from EZPZ

So we recently sat down for an interview with the most amazing journalist in Berkshire Dave Wright. We have known Dave for over 20 years because of our time in football. This time around we were speaking about EZPZ Travel. The article should come out sometime in April 2016. We had a Q&A, which I don’t think will make the paper, but if you are interested to know some weird and wonderful facts about us then read on..

Whilst I was interviewing the girls for an article I am writing on them and their business, I thought I would ask them a few personal questions. They have all known each other for years, so I thought it would be interesting if not amusing to see how well they know each other. Here are their answers…

Q1. How did EZPZ Travel start & who’s idea was it?

Sarah: It was Sabrina’s idea originally. It really came about through our enjoyment and experience of seeing the world. The three of us have travelled so much together in the past 5 years, so obviously the next natural step is to start a business together!

Sabrina: I had a meeting in London & was chatting about what I would like to do business wise next and how I would love to do something in travel. On my walk back to the office in Vauxhall I brought the domains & then by the weekend we had the website.

Q2: If you were stranded on an island & could only bring three things what would you bring?

Sarah: Jersey (my dog), food and a boat to get us back home.

Jess: Oh yes, lots of food, but Sab will get sea sick on the way back home

Sabrina: Maybe you should just leave me on the Island (with the food)

Q3: If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why?

Sarah: Apple and Cinnamon, something’s are meant to be mixed

Jess: Any cereal that contains Peanut Butter, I usually bring at least 5 boxes back from America

Sabrina: Yuck to both, good old Al-Bran for me

Sarah & Jess: You would think she’s 90

Q4: What advice would you give your 18 year old self (personal or business)

Sarah: Not to keep visiting the same holiday destinations, buy a round the world ticket and spend a year travelling.

Sabrina: Definitely travel, I always kick myself when I think how much travel I could have done when I didn’t have a care in the world

Jess: Stay in School kid..

Q5: If you could live anywhere on this planet and take everything that you love with you, where would you choose to live?

Sarah: Venice Beach, LA

Sabrina: Ditto

Jess: Anywhere with a nice beach!

 Q6: What’s your favourite city

Sarah: LA

Jess: Dubin

Sabrina: The Big Apple

Q7: If you could fly away now to one holiday destination, where would it be?

Sarah: Road trip around California

Jess: Anywhere the sun shines for over 7 hours

Sabrina: Australia, hopefully next year if I can get my head around the long flight again!

Q8: Are you spring, summer, autumn or winter

All: Summer

Sarah: Sab burns though, so not sure if it’s safe for her to venture out in the hot months!

Q9: Which three people would you have over for dinner if you could?

Sarah: David Beckham, Sandra Bullock & Princess Di

Jess: Barack Obama, The Queen & Joey Essex (Don’t ask)

Sabrina: My Grandparents & my Mum, being mother’s day this weekend, wouldn’t that just be the best gift ever! Oh and Angela Lansbury (Can I have four?)

Q10: Tell me one thing not many people know about you

Sabrina: I ride a motorbike (only in the summer)

Sarah: Forget the motorbike, Sabrina has an obsession with Angela Lansbury

Jess: ha ha oh god she does, she owns Murder she Wrote box sets, has T-shirts etc.. She is 34 going on 90..

Q11: What’s your favourite thing to do on a day off?

Sarah: Anything as long as it’s with the people / pets I love

Jess: Sleep

Sabrina: Watch Murder She Wrote (of course)

And finally who is the better footballer?

Sarah: Definitely me. If you were to put us in a category of famous footballers then I would be with, Jamie Redknapp, Jack Wilshere, Darren Anderton and Daniel Sturridge. We are all lovers of the treatment room.

Sabrina: She’s not actually allowed to play any more, she was making a comeback last summer, but after her first game we had to make a trip to A&E & after a quick op, 6 weeks in a cast, we decided enough was enough for her!

Jess: So I guess that leaves me as # 1