Fun in front of the camera.. or was it??

So we decided to create a quick video to show you all how EZPZ travel got it’s start in life, we thought quick & simple, how hard could it be.. Well the answer was very!

We spoke to one of our friends Flick (a budding film maker) at F.J.West FILMS (you can find her on Facebook) who is brilliant at what she does, to see if she would take on the task, which for some crazy reason she took us on. We also roped in another friend of ours Nicola (aka Gadge) who has the voice of an angel (although struggles to say the word “wherever” see if you can spot it) to do the commentary on the video, little did we know babysitting was the price we had to pay for her help, which for three non mothers (apart from to kittens and puppies) is never an easy thing, especially when she has twins! Who am I kidding they are angels too, just like their mother!

On to the film making..

We have all been friends for a very long time, first meeting at football, so we thought maybe to start with we should have some shots of us all playing football. Now the last time the three of us played football altogether Sarah broke her arm, so since then Jess and I have always kept our football playing a secret. This time around of course we had to mention it to Sarah! We were heading to our local goals centre (the scene of the crime for her broken arm) to coach some younger girls, what could go wrong you ask?? Well on a chilly evening in March we took to the field showing the younger girls how it’s done. We ended the session on a small sided game & all was going well until I turned around to see Sarah on the floor clearly in some pain. I immediately thought ” oh no, not that arm again ” but never fear it was just her knee! I say just, but if you’ve known Sarah for as long as I have you will know that her knee looks like a road map full of scars. It turns out that the ACL has gone again, so another op is needed, which the doctors are still trying to figure out, as unfortunately this is not the first one!

On a more positive note for Sarah we found out she was a natural in front of the camera, where as myself and Jess struggled to even remember our names!

We did have great fun filming around Berkshire & London, especially as we got to visit the airport a few times, so I was easily distracted by all the planes!

It took us a couple of months, but in the end I think we finally got there and have our first video out there for everyone to see.

They say you should never work with children or animals on camera and after this experience I am not sure EZPZ travel should be anywhere near a camera either!