Tree girls in a Grand City

It’s Christmas time again and that usually means one thing for us girls.. SHOPPING! We usually treat ourselves to a quick trip over the pond to the US for our retail therapy, but this year as someone was only allowed to fly short haul we had to look closer to home.

We settled on Dublin for a long weekend and although a quarter Irish I had never actually been to Dublin.. Ireland a number of times, but the capital had escaped me until now.

Another first for me was flying with Ryanair. I had heard a number of bad things from people about this airline, but if I am honest the price was too good to turn down! We flew from Luton on a extremely foggy December morning and if we are honest we thought we were never going to get out as the weather was so bad, but to our surprise we flew out and on time. Well done Ryanair!

On arrival in Dublin we opted for an apartment, as the hotels were just so expensive. We were staying around a mile from temple bar and all the shops, now normally this would not be an issue, but Miss Glass (aka Sarah) who was still recovering from her op refused to get a cab, so we had some slow walks up and down James Street. Once in the centre we headed of course for a pub.. Every place we went into was packed, Dublin is so fun and lively, although I was slightly concerned as this was only 10am.

We found an amazing bar along Dawson St called Peruke & Periwig that served the most amazing cocktails. The place is tiny, although I do understand they have dining upstairs. Key Lime Pie and Smores were my favourites.

Of course when in Dublin you have to visit the Guinness Storehouse The tour was fab and of course like much of our time away we certainly enjoyed the food and drink. One particular restaurant in the storehouse was amazing, everything was either cooked in or covered in Guinness, truly a Guinness lovers paradise! You get to pour your own pint, which who knew having worked in a bar many years ago there is an Irish way to pour a pint and an English way (there is probably a joke in there somewhere). I know many people have said this before Guinness does taste better in Ireland.

I would like to say that we saw a lot of Dublin on our visit, but when the pubs are as fun as they are in Dublin then you really just get carried away with the Irish way of life. Sunday was our Christmas jumper day, so we rocked the cheesy jumpers in a number of gin joints. I promise my eyes are glazed due to tiredness and not alcohol.

We stumbled across a great little steakhouse for someone’s birthday called F.X.Buckley who did some fab food. Although not realising the establishment was rather posh we did look rather silly in our Christmas jumpers, but as Coco Chanel said “It’s always better to be slightly underdressed”

On the day of departure we needed coffee and we were told to head to the Beanhive on arrival I didn’t think we would all fit, as the place was tiny. I was asked by the barista what I was planning over Xmas and the New Year and mentioned that I was mostly looking forward to my new little nephew being born and next thing you know he replied with “one coffee and one nephew coming up” Now I am not sure this will look exactly like little Rory (who we are still waiting for), but I appreciated the effort. Some of the designs these guys come up with are great (check out the website).

So that brought to an end another successful trip away. The three of us have a “Tick List” and once one of us or all three of us get to visit somewhere new we always fight over who gets to announce the “TICK”   but we certainly found it quite amusing when we stumbled across this sign in Dublin, I guess this time around we all enjoyed the moment!

On the flight home, now she will blame tiredness, but Jess does not like a window seat, so you will understand my amusement when she asked if I would sit there. It took her a while to realise what i was laughing at…

Till next time, Travel EZ the ladies from EZPZ