Amazing Aussie Adventure

I had always put travelling to Australia off, mainly because of the long flights, but I decided at the grand old age of 35 I should cast my fears aside and head down under.

The flight from London Heathrow was actually much better than I first thought, as we were flying on Super Bowl Sunday & flying with Etihad we were lucky enough to have a premier league game on our first leg and then probably the best ever super bowl on our long leg over to Perth.

On arrival in Perth, I was struggling to remember what day it was and what the time / day was back in the UK, but surprisingly felt quite refreshed.

Perth is a great city & we spent the first day wondering around still not quite believing we were in Australia. After a great nights sleep we were off and ready to explore what Perth had to offer. We headed over to Freemantle as anyone that know Sarah knows she is slightly obsessed with prisons. We spent some time in lock up and visited the gallows & had a great guide that showed us all the sights Freemantle had to offer. As we only had 3 days in Perth we had to spend our time wisely and whilst in Freemantle we were told about a wildlife park we should visit if we had time as being animal lovers we had to investigate.

The next morning we were up bright and early for our trip to

Even on our drive into the park we could see wild Kangeroos, so I was happy already! Spending the day here interacting with animals & feeding them is still one of the best days ever for me. I was in my element.

After a great few days in Perth it was an early morning flight for us to Melbourne. We were going to have even less time in Melbourne, so there was no time for tiredness! We were staying at the beach as we thought it would be nice to feel the sand even if it was for only 5 minutes, but it appeared we brought the British weather with us as the first day in Melbourne we had a lot of rain, so we headed into the city to enjoy the sites. Melbourne for me was a lot like London, so if you love our capital you will love Melbourne. We had a great time wondering around the city and the food in Melbourne is absolutely top notch.

We thought as we were born in the early 80’s it was only right that when in Melbourne you go on the Neighbours tour. Having stopped watching Neighbours over 20 years ago it amazed me how many still watch and love it, although I have to admit I did have a big smile on my face pulling into Ramsey Street.


We spent a great evening back in the city and even managed to pop back into one of our favourite Heston Blumenthal restaurants, so all in all a great time had in Melbourne.

We were off again and this time we were heading up to Cairns to visit the Great Barrier Reef, which had always been on my bucket list. It didn’t start out great as we had quite a long delay at the airport and when you were on a tight schedule like we were you couldn’t afford too much time in an airport.

We finally arrived in Cairns and I absolutely loved it. I cannot describe this place, the views were out of this world & I think it’s my new #1..

We arrived at the hotel and one thing I do love about my hotels is a great balcony, as I can just sit out there for hours watching the world go by. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to sit on this holiday which was a shame as if Carlsberg made balconies then this had to be one of the best.

Our overly large balcony

The next morning we went out to Green Island and spent the morning swimming with hundreds of fish, turtles and even a small shark. It was one of the best ever experiences and I urge anyone that hasn’t been to go if you can. After reluctantly leaving the water behind we headed into the rainforest for more spectacular views and of course the odd mosquito bite.

It was extremely hard to leave Cairns & even I get emotional thinking back to our time there, but we were now heading over to Brisbane to start our long drive down the coast into Sydney. We had plans to stop at a couple of places along the way and after a brief wonder around Brisbane and then Surfers Paradise we stopped in Byron Bay for the night. We were staying in the amazing & what a cool place this was. We were able to enjoy the rainforest & even found time for a massage! There was no rest though and after a relaxing day we set the alarm for 4.30am, so that we could head to the lighthouse and watch the sunrise.

As we were up we decided to press on with the long drive to our next stop Port Macquarie. I can’t say the coast road down to Sydney was what I really expected as for a lot of the time the road seemed to take you in land, but we managed to see so much more in the car than we would have done with a quick plane ride down to Sydney. Port Macquarie was a great little town & two things that really stood out was it had the loudest crows and then best burger joint I have ever visited

We finally arrived in Sydney for our last leg of the two week trip before heading back to London. We were staying in Waterloo which was a stones throw away from Green Square station. Working in London I reply on the trains / underground a lot so when we sampled the Sydney train system I could not believe what I was seeing! The trains are double decker, they have air conditioning, moving seats and most of all it’s pretty cheap. The public transport was a dream come true.

One of our first stops was Circular Quays to see the famous Sydney harbour bridge and the Opera House. I found once again I was quite overcome actually seeing these landmarks for the first time & it really hit home that I was finally in Australia. We spent the next few days walking lots of miles and seeing lots of sites, which included visiting Manly where we witnessed what I can only describe as they largest lightening storm I had ever seem & my slight worry was that I had to get back on the ferry to head back to the city, needless to say the ferry ride back was pretty choppy! We spent some time on the famous Bondi Beach and managed a swim without an encounter with a shark or lifeguard!

Our Australia adventure had finally come to an end after two very packed weeks. I was totally amazed with Australia & was not expecting to love it as much as I did & there are so much more to see, so Australia we will be back, but for now Hooroo Australia & thank you for the memories!

Till next time, Travel EZ the ladies from EZPZ