Amazing Aussie Adventure

I had always put travelling to Australia off, mainly because of the long flights, but I decided at the grand old age of 35 I should cast my fears aside and head down under. The flight from London Heathrow was actually much better than I first thought, as we were flying on Super Bowl Sunday[…]

Tree girls in a Grand City

It’s Christmas time again and that usually means one thing for us girls.. SHOPPING! We usually treat ourselves to a quick trip over the pond to the US for our retail therapy, but this year as someone was only allowed to fly short haul we had to look closer to home. We settled on Dublin[…]

Kulan finally in Kraków

For so long now I have been wanting to go to Poland and see what the birth country of my late Grandfather had to offer and we were certainly not disappointed. We knew this trip would be slightly more relaxed that our usual ones as Sarah was due to have yet another ACL operation on[…]

Orlando United & NOLA

As I sit typing this I feel sadness, as we have just arrived home from a day 10 trip to Florida and New Orleans. I have wanted to go to New Orleans for some time, but the year we were planning a trip Katrina hit & we just haven’t found the time to re plan[…]

Getting to know the Ladies from EZPZ

So we recently sat down for an interview with the most amazing journalist in Berkshire Dave Wright. We have known Dave for over 20 years because of our time in football. This time around we were speaking about EZPZ Travel. The article should come out sometime in April 2016. We had a Q&A, which I[…]

Making Business Travel EZPZ

I am sure you will agree that Business Travel has changed significantly over the last few years. Travel budgets are getting tighter each year and the art of stretching company expenditure without compromising levels of service and comfort is an increasing challenge. Why outsource your travel to EZPZ Travel you ask… The easy answer is to say:[…]

Wonders of the West Coast

It’s almost 8 years on and we still all talk about our decision to take a month off work and explore what the west coast of America has to offer.. At first we said we could do this on a budget & looked into staying at hostels & cheap motels, but then we thought are[…]