The EZPZ Story

I still have a copy of the original expense claim that started the ball rolling on the business that would eventually turn into EZPZ Travel. It was a three-legged US trip, London to Chicago to New York and back to London, and I tutted when I saw it because the travel company had obviously booked the person on business class without filling out the required paperwork. However when I looked a little more closely it was an economy ticket after all, it was just about 3 times more expensive than I would have paid. I verified this within about 10 minutes of searching online, and then started going through other flights to see what I could have saved. Needless to say that travel company didn’t continue to run the account for long, but the more businesses I worked with the more I realised how incredibly inefficient corporate travel companies are.

I’m an administrator with over 10 years experience dealing with corporate and executive clients – in all that time I’ve never worked with a client who was happy with their solution for handling travel. When its outsourced the company either charges a fortune for a service based on “personal relationships with airlines and hoteliers”, which are mostly fictitious, or does little more than complete bookings after you’ve done the planning yourself, leaving you wondering why you use them in the first place. And of course if its left to employees to simply organise travel and accomodation themselves you have a vast amount of administrative paperwork to deal with, as well as wasted time at all levels on booking and approving it.

So the more businesses I worked for, the more I started handling travel myself, discovering the places to go and processes to use in order to get the best prices. This quickly evolved beyond just value, everyone knows the cheapest airlines that fly a route, but which give you the best actual experience once you’ve factored in luggage, leg room, catering and wifi? When I started working as a virtual PA for individuals, travel kept coming up as the area clients most appreciated my support, not just because of the money I saved them, but also because I would always ensure they had a great travel experience, whether it was business or pleasure.

And so, millions of miles, hundreds of hotel rooms and countless loyalty club points later, EZPZ travel came into existence when I met some like-minded people and started showing them the way I work. We now help companies and individuals with all their travel needs and have become so confident in what we do that we’ll guarantee its the best service around.

Our job is to make your travel arrangements as simple as possible – tell us when, where and why you’re going somewhere, and we’ll do the rest. Drop us a line and try us out today, we’re happy to do individual bookings with no need for an ongoing commitment.